MTA work event, 2023-01-22

by Dimitri Timohovich, RRS.ORG

The RRS held a work event at the MTA to continue the work on the restroom. It was a four day event starting, Sunday, January 22nd and ending Wednesday, January 25th. Several members came out throughout this event to help.

On the first day, we cleaned up the Creosote bushes around the Dosa building and between Dosa building and the pit toilet.  Several people got trained in using the loader to scrape and smooth out the area. I put together scaffolding and prepped the jobsite. Started to install electrical in both bathrooms.

Less bursh means more space at the MTA.

On the second day, we installed shelves in maintenance area and mounted the water pump and water heater. Started to put together the drainage pipes inside the container and assembled the shower drain.

Batteries, water pump and water heater installed.

On the third day, Installed hand rails around toilet in handicap bathroom. Installed sink braces and Installed storage cabinets in both bathrooms. Finished up drainage pipe inside the container. Rented trencher and started laying in the conduit from Dosa building to container.

Sewer header

On the last day, I finished trenching and returned the trencher. Finished laying conduit into the trench then covered up the trench and packed the dirt down.

All in all, a successful event, but there’s more work before the restroom is operational. We’ll have another work event in mid-February 2023. Details to follow later.

Many thanks to Keith Yoerg, Leanna Lincoln, Bill Inman, Osvaldo Tarditti, Joe Dominguez, Waldo Stakes and Dave Nordling who helped.

MTA work event, 2022-12-04

by Dave Nordling, President, RRS.ORG

The RRS spent some more time working on the restroom facility at the Mojave Test Area. This project will bring a much desired convenience to our me,bers and future guests. It was a continuation of prior work which completed the installation of the fixtures and began the shower stall and internal plumbing.

The restroom facility under construction by our membership.
sink, urinal and toilet in each of two rooms

The new firehouse container was placed on the adjacent concrete pads creating a small space in-between which will be for a safety shower in subsequent work next year.

Shower stall in the making
Space between the restroom and firehouse containers to be used as a safety shower area

Stainless steel threaded plugs were bought, lubricated and installed into the available 3/4-10 female anchors in the pad. This will better preserve the threads and minimize the sand collected in the holes. It is important that users of our pad clean out the holes and reinstall the plugs after each use.

socket head screws to serve as a thread protector and sand barrier
The 3/4-10 female anchor pattern, seven by four, 12inch pitch on width, 24-inches on length
Former president, Osvaldo Tarditti, cuts a bit of wood to finish a support.

The society is grateful to Osvaldo and Dimitri Timohovich for their continued support and labor on this project. We will have another work event on December 17-18, 2022 to finish the supply plumbing and begin the outlet plumbing. Our goal to finish the restroom by year’s end has a slim chance of success but we will continue through the winter months until it is operational.

At the next work event, members are welcome to join us and launch any rpckets they have. Pyro-ops are already present. Contact the RRS president if you’d like to use the Mojave Test Area on what will likely be the last event of the year.

MTA work event, 2022-11-05

by Dimitri Timohovich, Reaction Research Society

We had another great work party at the MTA this weekend. Primary focus was getting the fixtures attached to the walls and start attaching plumbing to them. A HUGE thank you to Osvaldo Tarditti, Waldo Stakes, and Joe Dominguez for taking time on Saturday to help out. 

Dave Nordling met with representatives from Arbor Energy for potential use of the MTA at a later date. He was also joined by his wife Kathleen, who came out for the quick day trip. 

Waldo brought hot dogs, drinks, and chips; and I brought burger fixings. We had a nice BBQ lunch and the folks from Arbor Energy also partook. 

We enjoyed calm weather till about 3pm when the winds kicked in, so we finished up what we could and most headed home. I spent the night and took care of a few more things Sunday morning, but the winds were not letting up. I was able to add more water to the storage tanks on top of the bathroom, and we have about 1400 gallons stored so far. 

Look forward to seeing more members coming out to help next month.

Fixtures hung and mostly plumbed in the big bathroom.

Fixtures being worked on in the smaller bathroom.

New “Fire House” container for the MTA. This will house the Kawasaki Mule and trailer with an IBC and water pump.

Roughly 700 gallons of water in each storage tank.