The Reaction Research Society is governed by the Executive Council in the name of its membership, pursuant to the Society’s Constitution. The Constitution may be found on this page, while previous revisions, and amendments, may be found on the historical page.

This Constitution was ratified January 31, 2023, by the voting membership, superseding all previous revisions.

Article I, Name, Location and Insignia
Article II, Qualifications for Membership
Article III, Classes of Membership
Article IV, Minors
Article V, Meetings of Members
Article VI, Elections
Article VII, Officers and Their Duties
Article VIII, Executive Council
Article IX, Appointive Officials
Article X, Department of Research
Article XI, Ownership of Assets
Article XII, Deposit and Disbursement of Funds
Article XIII, Discipline, Expulsion, and Withdrawal
Article XIV, Regulations and By-Laws
Article XV, General Provisions
Article XVI, Amendments
Enacting Clause