Article VIII


The Executive Council shall consist of minimum the President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer.

In the event of a vacancy on the Executive Council it shall be filled according to Article VIII, Section 6.

The Executive Council may also appoint such other officials of the Council as it deems necessary.

The Executive Council shall have the general direction and control of the affairs of this Society and be the vestee and trustee of all of the powers retained by the Society or not expressly vested elsewhere by this Constitution. In addition to the duties customarily performed by Boards of Directors, the Executive Council shall do the following:

(a.) Act upon all applications for membership and shall designate Honorary members.

(b.) From time to time fix the amount and character of, and approve, surety bonds for any persons having custody of funds; insurance, both liability and property damage which may be required, and property loss, theft, or fire on assets of this Society; the amount of monetary assessments to be levied against assessed members.

(c.) Fill vacancies in offices and members of the Executive Council as herein provided.

(d.) Employ, fix the compensation, and prescribe the duties of such employees, as in the opinion of the Executive Council may be necessary

(e.) Designate the depository or depositories for the funds of this Society.

(f.) Obtain copyrights and patents and acquire and manage assets, both real and personal in the name of the Society and to act as trustees thereof.

(g.) Authorize, supervise the operation of and revoke authorizations for special projects and testing of reaction missiles and related activities and of meeting of local groups of the membership.

(h.) Appoint and prescribe the terms and duties for all officers, committees and departmental heads as provided for herein and whose election or appointment is not otherwise specifically provided for herein.

(i.) From time to time, upon the recommendation of the Director of Research or on its own initiative, initiate educational information reports.

(j.) Act as a board of review and trial for members who may have charges pressed against them; disposing of the case by acquittal, reprimand or assessment, which may be suspension for each offense for a period of from one meeting to one year and/or a monetary assessment and suspension with recommendation to the next Meeting of the Members for permanent expulsion.


A majority of the members of the Executive Council shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of business at any meeting thereof, which need not be announced in writing; but fewer than a quorum may meet and adjourn from time to time until a quorum is in attendance. The Executive Council shall act by a majority vote.


If an elected member of the Executive Council who without being granted a leave of absence by it fails to attend meetings for three successive months or fails to attend five official meetings called by the Executive Council, then their vacancy may be filled as provided herein.


The Executive Council may review the eligibility of all members at least once per year.

The Executive Council may reconsider the Administrative membership status throughout the year.


The Executive Council shall retain the right to extend membership status for a given member under extenuating circumstances at the request of the member. This must be approved by a majority vote of the Executive Council.


The Executive Council shall meet periodically as needed outside of the monthly meetings. Executive council meeting attendance shall be limited to only council members unless by invitation and approval by majority vote of the council in advance of the meeting.


The Executive Council is charged with approving any modifications of Society owned testing site(s) and will do so by majority vote of the executive council.

The Executive Council shall review and approve all propellant storage policies at the Society owned testing site(s).