Many great publications about rocketry have been put out over the years.

It is very unfortunate that a lot of them, particularly the more technically-oriented materials (even the relatively successful ones) did not get wide circulation and can be hard to find and over time eventually forgotten.

With an emphasis on preserving such publications and technical materials that will aid the aspiring rocketeer, it is this section of the RRS website, the RRS library, that is our attempt to collect, digitize, preserve, and provide in one location as many of those great resources as we can.

If you know of anything that you think should be in this section, let us know so we can consider getting it included.

Contact the RRS director of research.

Some of our content is available to RRS members only. If you would like to fill out an application to join the RRS, go to the “Membership” tab of the website and download our membership application form.

Also. please understand that not all materials are suitable for posting on this public website due to International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) restrictions of the United States which the RRS must abide.

RRS Newsletters
The RRS has over the years been publishing newsletters on and off again. The contents have ranged from simple updates on official society business to fantastic articles detailing the design, construction, testing and flying of solid hybrid and liquid fuel rockets.

Other RRS Articles
From time to time, the RRS has also published other materials and this is where you’ll find them.

Articles about the RRS
As the RRS is 15 years older than NASA and has a very long history, the society has captured some news attention from time to time. A number of newspaper and magazine articles have been written about the RRS.

This is where we will be posting any books, or links to books, that are good reading for people interested in rocketry.

Technical Articles
This is where we will be posting any technical articles, or links to them, that pertain to amateur rocketry.