The Reaction Research Society is funded by the generous contributions of both our membership, and other magnanimous individuals, who see fit to give back to the community. The primary category of expenses that the Society incurs are in regards to our rocket launch site, the MTA. From property taxes and insurance, to various upkeep and improvement projects, the fact of the matter is that offering a safe launch site for the amateur rocketeer to carryout his model rocket, high-power rocket, or experimental rocket launches comes at a price.

We are proud to state that none of our income is used to give any member of the Society a salary. The members of our Executive Council are volunteers, as is everyone else who gives their time and expertise to the Society. This helps ensure that the contributions from our donors goes every mile that it can to provide for the advancement of rocketry and education theretoward.

It’s for this reason that the Society is incorporated as a 501(c)(3), both with the federal government, and the State of California (95-4278030). Many of the donations that we receive are monetary, and the aforementioned fact allows our Treasurer to write donation letters, giving our beneficiaries something in return for their generosity.

For those who have not money, but useful items which they would like to part with, we can likewise write donation letters for the approximate value of the items given. Those things which we would be interested in receiving include: raw and scrap material, surplus instrumentation, sensors, valves, solenoids, fluid fittings, software licenses, hardware, equipment, and even your own hard labor.

Making Donations

For financial donations, you may simply use the donation button on the sidebar to the right of the page. For physical items, you may mail them to the Society mailing address, or give them to an officer at our monthly meetings. For intangible things, such as software license numbers, you may simply e-mail them to the Society’s officers.


It’s thanks to the generosity of individuals such as yourself that we are able to continue operating this charitable organization, giving students from across the country the opportunity to apply their in-class studies in the real world. It’s on behalf of them that we offer you our sincerest gratitude, and hope that you, and others like you, will continue to support our mission of making rocketry accessible to everyone.