The Reaction Research Society (RRS) has it’s own 40-acre private testing site which can be used by RRS members, schools and universities, private companies and private individuals as approved in advance and scheduled by the RRS president.

All events are by appointment only.  We can schedule an event for any day of any week throughout the year, but we prefer Saturdays which are easier for our volunteer staff to support. Please give a minimum of three weeks notice such that we can identify and appoint the right support and supervision for your event. The RRS can become very busy in the months of April to June and in October and November.

Contact the RRS president for all inquiries, requests and requirements for attending events. Please fill out a test request form and provide a full description of your testing or launch needs.

In order to book the MTA, you must first fill out a standard record form, and submit it to the Society President, along with a fee deviation request, if any. In addition, every individual must submit an indemnification form, as well as a photo release for any minors, which likewise must be submitted to the President, prior to the approved booking date.


Standard Record Form
Indemnification Form
Photo Release Form