MTA Directions

The Reaction Research Society (RRS) has it’s own 40-acre private testing site which can be used by RRS members, schools and universities, private companies and private individuals as approved in advance and scheduled by the RRS president.

All events are by appointment only. We prefer Saturdays which are easier for our volunteer staff. We can schedule an event for any day of any week throughout the year. Please give a minimum of three weeks notice such that we can appoint the right support and supervision for your event. The RRS can become very busy in the months of April to June and in October and November.

Contact the RRS president for all inquiries, requests and requirements for attending events. Please fill out a test request form and provide a full description of your testing or launch needs.

Most people come to the MTA from Los Angeles. Follow the major highways to reach the city of Mojave, California. It is wise to fill your gas tanks in Mojave before driving the remaining distance to the MTA. GET ICE, water and food here. California City also has some supplies.

The two cities nearest to the RRS MTA with online weather data are Cantil, CA or California City, CA. Hotels are available in Mojave or California City. Nicer accommodations can be found further south in Lancaster. Rain is a particularly dangerous condition for roads along the stretch of dry lake bed.

You will be driving north out of Mojave, continuing to follow CA-14. From the CA-14, you will leave the paved highway at Rogers Road, which is near Jawbone Canyon. Once you see Jawbone, start slowing down you will be exiting immediately.

From Rogers Road (east) you will turn right onto Neuralia Road (south) pass a railroad crossing, then turn left on Munsey Road (east). From here the asphalt road will eventually become gravel, then dirt. The dirt road goes eastward, along the edge of the dry lake bed, and will eventually lead you through the Reaction Research Society sign at the edge of the MTA.

Before driving to the MTA, be aware that the final 12 mile stretch is entirely a dirt road, around the dry lake bed. As such, patience and mindfulness of weather conditions (avoid rain) is necessary to make the trip. DO NOT drive off the road or on the dry lake bed itself. You WILL get stuck with liitle or no help available.

Look for the large white rectangular sign that says “REACTION RESEARCH SOCIETY”. If we have a planned event that day, the large iron gate will be open and you can drive on to our site.

Drive under the metal road sign arch to get to the MTA.

The road to the right leads on to Polaris Propulsion property which is a separate private company and is not affiliated with the RRS. Please do not park or camp there. Turn to the left and drive under the arch instead.

The MTA has plenty of parking right in front of our new crew cabin, Bldg. 15, just behind the underground blockhouse, north of the metal quonset hut (Dosa Building). Please arrive near the scheduled time to avoid disrupting operations. Major events typically do not begin before 11AM.

If the iron gate is closed on a planned event day, you may have to wait for the arrival of one of our staff. Our volunteers typically have to drive a long distance to reach the MTA so please be patient. Also, our iron gate may be closed to prevent people from entering during dangerous operations. Please be patient and wait until a staff member re-opens the gate.

Camping at the MTA site in advance of the event day can be permitted only with approval from the RRS president. There is no trash service so all attendees are expected to take all trash with them upon departure.