MTA work event, 2022-10–01

by Dave Nordling, President, RRS.ORG

In the cooler temperatures of October, the society restarted our build efforts on the restroom container. It was great to have the support of several members including Dimitri Timohovich, Waldo Stakes and former president, Osvaldo Tarditti. We were able to make significant gains on the exterior plumbing connecting the water tanks and begin the heavier aspects of the interior plumbing for the toilets.

Setting up for a day of building at the MTA restroom
Thanks to Manny Marquez and his dad for helping with the effort.
Waldo and Osvaldo change out tools for the interior work.
Checking the spacing of things.
A lot more work is ahead of us.

We charged the water tanks with just a few hundred gallons in each to verify no leaks in the new header plumbing. We’ll bring more in later trips. We will need to meet at least a couple more times. Next build event is planned for November 6th. Our goal is to get an operational toilet, urinal and sink by year’s end. This much desired improvement remains our top priority.

MTA Work Event, 2022-08-04

By Dave Nordling, President, Reaction Research Society

The society had a small work event at the Mojave Test Area on August 4th, 2022. The purpose was limited to starting the build of a new launch pad foundation for Bill Claybaugh’s upcoming large solid motor powered vehciles. The summer heat and tough soil limited progress but it was useful to gauge what the next steps should be. Launch is scheduled for mid-October.

Joe Dominguez (right) and Bill Claybaugh (left) examine the levelness of the form work.

Many thanks to Rushd Julfiker and Joe Dominguez for volunteering their support to Bill on that day. A new and larger launch pad is designed to support Bill’s larger adjustable launch rail system which will be useful to the larger sizes of future rocket projects at the RRS. New developments will be reported in the near future.

MTA Work Events, July 2022

by Dave Nordling, President, Reaction Research Society

The society has been planning and working on a restroom facility for many months. This creature comfort has been the most requested improvement and this month it has come closer to being a reality at our humble site.

The society held two weekend work parties with the primary purpose of placing the restroom container at the concrete pads poured a few months earlier. The society prides itself on launch events but there are times when our volunteers must step up and do the mundane and arduous tasks of maintenance even on the hottest months of the year. We are grateful to members, Dimitri Timohovich, Osvaldo Tarditti, Larry Hoffing, Keith Yoerg, Bill Inman and new members Rushd Julfiker and Joe Dominguez for spending their day with us in the 108-112 degree heat of summer over the weekends of July 9-10 and July 16. While not all tasks were accomplished, we did achieve a great many things.

Drone footage of the truck bringing the container to the MTA.
Dimitri’s camper for the intrepid few spending the night on that hot first weekend in July.
New shelving for our storage container.
Taking a break in the Dosa Building. Ice is your saviour.
The added floor deck, now our spanning roof needed some new plywood panels to preserve the underlying timbers.
Water tanks ready for deployment.
Joe Dominguez and Dimitri Timohovich secure the pair of empty water tanks to the newly paneled roof
Our new drone camera got its first test flight on the first weekend work party.
Sunset on the last day of that work campaign.