MTA work event, 2022-11-05

by Dimitri Timohovich, Reaction Research Society

We had another great work party at the MTA this weekend. Primary focus was getting the fixtures attached to the walls and start attaching plumbing to them. A HUGE thank you to Osvaldo Tarditti, Waldo Stakes, and Joe Dominguez for taking time on Saturday to help out. 

Dave Nordling met with representatives from Arbor Energy for potential use of the MTA at a later date. He was also joined by his wife Kathleen, who came out for the quick day trip. 

Waldo brought hot dogs, drinks, and chips; and I brought burger fixings. We had a nice BBQ lunch and the folks from Arbor Energy also partook. 

We enjoyed calm weather till about 3pm when the winds kicked in, so we finished up what we could and most headed home. I spent the night and took care of a few more things Sunday morning, but the winds were not letting up. I was able to add more water to the storage tanks on top of the bathroom, and we have about 1400 gallons stored so far. 

Look forward to seeing more members coming out to help next month.

Fixtures hung and mostly plumbed in the big bathroom.

Fixtures being worked on in the smaller bathroom.

New “Fire House” container for the MTA. This will house the Kawasaki Mule and trailer with an IBC and water pump.

Roughly 700 gallons of water in each storage tank.

MTA work event, 2022-10–01

by Dave Nordling, President, RRS.ORG

In the cooler temperatures of October, the society restarted our build efforts on the restroom container. It was great to have the support of several members including Dimitri Timohovich, Waldo Stakes and former president, Osvaldo Tarditti. We were able to make significant gains on the exterior plumbing connecting the water tanks and begin the heavier aspects of the interior plumbing for the toilets.

Setting up for a day of building at the MTA restroom
Thanks to Manny Marquez and his dad for helping with the effort.
Waldo and Osvaldo change out tools for the interior work.
Checking the spacing of things.
A lot more work is ahead of us.

We charged the water tanks with just a few hundred gallons in each to verify no leaks in the new header plumbing. We’ll bring more in later trips. We will need to meet at least a couple more times. Next build event is planned for November 6th. Our goal is to get an operational toilet, urinal and sink by year’s end. This much desired improvement remains our top priority.

August 2022 monthly meeting

by Keith Yoerg, Secretary, Reaction Research Society

The RRS held its monthly meeting on Friday, August 12, 2022, by teleconference starting 7:30pm. The agenda was below.

  1. Review of recent MTA/rocket events, reports are posted on the website
    • 7/9 & 7/16: Work parties at MTA to install bathroom container (video Keith made of the delivery with the drone)
    • 7/21: Aerospace Ccorporation intern launch event
    • 7/25-7/31: Michigan liquid engine hot fire test campaign
  2. Upcoming MTA events
    • Bathroom work to continue in September
    • Other planned events are
      • USC RPL pad work
      • USC propellant sample testing
      • and a USC RPL static fire
      • Bill Claybaugh is preparing a new pad for launching heavier rockets from the MTA
      • Bill Ca;ybaugh will launch his six-inch rocket from a new rail launcher
  3. Social media milestone reached: 1,000 Instagram followers
  4. Preferences for future monthly meetings:
    • Monthly in-person (w/ zoom option) is something desired by many
    • In-person 4x per year (zoom other months), some supported the idea, other thought it may be confusing
    • Other ideas included meeting at a new location at the Compton Airport front office
  5. Other items addressed by the Executive Council this month:
    • Looking into society workshop/workspace at the Compton airport
    • Addition of more/semi-permanent high power launch pads
    • RRS membership has surpassed 2021 levels
    • Progress still being made on website update, hope to show something next month

Our next meeting will be September 9th. Contact the RRS secretary for details.

The Reaction Research Society reaches a milestone in our social media campaign.