2017 new year’s greetings

Hello and welcome to the new year, 2017!
Just a few quick announcements…

I am grateful to be serving as the new secretary for the RRS. In my first duty to the RRS, I will start reaching out to our current and past members individually to both introduce myself and update our member information for our database. We don’t share our list, but we do like to keep accurate records and make updates. It will take some time, but it will be good to meet all of you. Please feel free to contact me anytime at secretary@rrs.org

The RRS symposium has been officially announced for April 22nd at the Gardena Community Center. We’ll post more details after the upcoming January 13th meeting next Friday.

And finally, the keychain camera video was downloaded from the November 2016 flight and the edited footage should be posted to the RRS YouTube channel very soon. Our channel is “ReactionResearchSoc”

I have left a link below, please review what we have posted so far. New material is coming soon!

Reaction Research Society on YouTube

As always, our invitation to come see us in Gardena at next Friday’s meeting (01/13/2017) at 7:30pm stands to current, past and future members. Have a productive, safe and exciting new year!