MTA work event, 2023-03-03

Dimitri Timohovich, RRS.ORG

Last weekend saw a big dent put into the bathroom project. On Friday, 3/3/23, I was able to install the 2 remaining pass-throughs, one for the water to enter the container and one to serve as part of the shower drainage.

Clean cut window and a look from the inside
Supply header pass-through in place.

I was able to also attach the main drainage line to the outside drainage line and set up to connect the shower drainage to the main line.

Saturday, 3/4/23, started out with nice weather and I was able to connect the water line from the pass through and run it to the pump area.  More PEX lines were run and a manifold was made for a bypass incase of pump failure.  Final attachments will need to be made.

Dave showed up just in time for the wind to pick up.  Meanwhile, I started to tie in the electrical and build a small control box with a main switch and voltmeter.  Unfortunately, Dave couldn’t stay long and after lunch I went back to more electrical work.  Meanwhile, the weather kept getting worse.  

Sunday, 3/5/23, was cold, very windy, and with scattered showers, so I packed up early and headed back to town.

Next event is coming soon. Progress and next steps to be discussed at the March 10th monthly meeting.

New plumbing feedthroughs
Voltmeter installed for checking battery health.

We are getting close to having the restroom become operational. We hope the weather continues to be favorable.

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