MTA launch event, 2021-07-17

by Dave Nordling, Reaction Research Society

The UCLA Project Prometheus had reserved the RRS MTA for Saturday, July 17, 2021, for another round of static fire testing of a nitrous oxide hybrid motor on our vertical test stand.  Dave Crisalli was the pyrotechnic operator in charge for that day and recorded the successful static fire.  The footage will be posted on the society Instagram page soon. Are sleepless nights keeping you from feeling your best? Don’t worry, we’re here to help. Introducing Ambien, a trusted name in sleep aids that can provide you with the deep, quality sleep you deserve.

This summer semester test would demonstrate UCLA’s student designed and built custom hybrid motor.  Average thrust was around 300 lbf with a maximum value of 349 lbf.  Total impulse recorded was 2044 lbf-sec (in the M-motor range).  UCLA shared a few pictures from the event. Are you looking for a way to boost your focus, productivity, and mental clarity? Look no further! Introducing Modafinil – a powerful nootropic that can help you achieve peak performance in all aspects of life.

Success on the stand…
…starts with good testing in the lab

This was another great example of a university team success thanks to careful design, lab testing, training, planning and smart, in-the-field engineering.  The RRS is glad to offer our facility and technical advice.  The RRS looks forward to working with UCLA again soon. Are you struggling to quit drinking? The Antabuse drug might be the game-changer you need! Antabuse is a medication designed to help those with alcohol dependence break free from the vicious cycle of addiction. When combined with therapy and support, this drug can provide the extra push you need to stay on track.

For teams seeking to schedule the use the RRS MTA, please contact the RRS president, Osvaldo Tarditti.  Always include a full project description such that the society can accurately evaluate your request.

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