December 13th 2013 Meeting Report

The December 13th 2013 meeting was attended by 6 members and 1 newcomer who had hear about the RRS through Space UP conference that I attended and went to promote the RRS. The election results were as follows:

     Osvaldo Tarditti: 9 votes
     Richard Garcia: 4 votes
Vice President:
     Frank Miuccio: 11 votes
     Chris Lujan: 11 votes
     Matt Tarditti: 11 votes


The next launch has been scheduled for the last weekend in January (the 25th) and will be finalized at the next meeting. The RRS has been contacted by a school interested in working with the RRS as a part of the STEM program. (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics)


John Mariano who does volunteer work at the California Science Center where they have the Space Shuttle Endeavor made the suggestion of starting a Science Center/RRS chapter of  Toastmasters as a networking and awareness opportunity between the RRS and people involved in aerospace or space exploration.


The next meeting will be on January 10th.


-Richard Garcia

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