To new members interested in joining the RRS, you must submit an application form for consideration.  Fill this out completely and submit it in person to an officer of the RRS. This can be done by mail or by attending one of our monthly meetings. The RRS reserves the right to refuse an application.

RRS membership form 2017-02-20

For returning members, please stop in one of our monthly meetings or contact the RRS secretary. We only ask that you update your contact information and become current in your membership dues.

Membership dues are $40 per year, $20 per year for students.


This is the RRS waiver and indemnification agreement which is positively essential to be signed and submitted to the RRS from all persons that attending launch or testing activities at the RRS MTA.  Please submit this form well in advance before the event to the RRS president.



The RRS also requires a photo release form to be signed for students participating at our events.  The RRS likes to share pictures of our events and their participants and reserves the right to use any photos taken at the event on our website and publications.

RRS Photo Release

For those requesting to test or launch at the RRS MTA, you must submit a Standard Record Form to the RRS president and we also strongly suggest you attend a monthly meeting to describe your request. One form must be submitted for each test to be conducted and each vehicle to be launched. This form has the participant describe the key features of their test or vehicle what the submitter plans to accomplish. We keep a log of our tests to help benefit all of the Society. The RRS reserves the right to review all aspects of a test and launch and reserves the right to refuse a test request at its sole discretion.


All test requests must include contact information including phone and email. All test requests must include a firm date of testing.  The RRS will work with the group to find the best time to schedule resources as needed.   Lastly, all test requests must be submitted to the RRS president

If you have any questions, please contact the RRS secretary or any of the executive council membership.