Col. Vernon P. Saxon Air Museum (Boron, CA)

The Col. Vernon P. Saxon Air Museum is located in Boron, CA. They have many aviation and rocketry exhibits including artifacts from the classic space age (Atlas, Saturn) and selected items from the more recent upstart companies such as Air Launch (Garvey), Truax, piece of the Percheron (Galveston) before the Conestoga.

Boron is just straight east from Mojave on the CA-58 highway. The museum is just before Domingo’s Mexican restaurant on the Twenty Mule Team Road located in the heart of much aviation history including Edwards AFB and the NASA Armstrong Flight Center.  Boron is a very, very small town so it should be easy to find.

I didn’t find a museum website, but “Roadside America” posted a review.

RRS member, Richard Garcia visited the site and took many photos.  I’m hoping he’ll expand a little on this post with some photos and observations he made.  It sounds like a fun place.


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