Recoverd 7 more Newsletters

I came across these RRS news letters from the 1940’s for sale and got them for about seventy dollars. I’ll post them in the library as soon as I can get them scanned.* They have some interesting stuff like some reporting about a nitric acid and wood hybrid rocket engine that was built and tested. Certainly an interesting choice for a propellant combination. I’d liked to share part of what they put on the back cover:

The REACTION RESEARCH SOCIETY is a non-profit organization whose purpose is to aid in the development of reaction propulsion, its applications, and to promote interest in this new science. This purpose is carried out by maintaining an active research program, encouraging other experimenters, and promoting interest in reaction propulsion by the publication of ASTRO-JET, Journal of the Reaction Research Society.

With that in mind I’d like to report that the next issue of the newsletter doesn’t have much more work left, now that things are settled over here and I’m moved in I’ll be able to put some time towards it, we just need for Chris to finish up his article and I’ll put it together.

*Probably at the university of Texas at Austin where they have book scanners available for use. I also found some Pacific Rocket Society newsletters in the library archives they have there. I was unable to scan them because the way the multiple issues where bound together. I’ll see what I can do about coming up with a solution to that and see if I can get them scanned at some point.

-Richard Garcia

7 Newsletters from the 1940s

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