RRS featured on National Geographic’s show “Meltdown”

At the last launch [April 27th] we had the pleasure of working with National Geographic for their show “Meltdown.” We’re not sure how much they will show of RRS stuff. Maybe a few minutes. The premise of the show is there is a guy looking to get precious metal from various sources, melt it down and resell it. Some rockets have precious metals like copper for combustion chambers and silver or platinum for catalysts. Sometimes they will have more exotic metals that are expensive metals like niobium or molibduim for radiativly cooled nozzle extensions, but I don’t they went looking for that.

Here is the info:

National Geographic Meltdown segment that was shot at the MTA will air on November 7th at 7:30 PM PST or 10:30pm ET

Here is the link to the show:



-Richard Garcia

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