August 9th 2013 Meeting Report

The August 9th meeting had 6 members present. Unfortunately Frank and Osvaldo couldn’t make it but Matt our treasurer filled in for them. The only official business discussed was a treasury report and the moving of the October launch date to accommodate Polaris, but a new date has not been set.


I got to let everyone know that 3D printed rocket competition has finished and the winners have been announced, and our team did not win. The team that won was the Canadian team who’s flight configuration was an air launch from a Gulfstream.


I also had the opportunity to share what I’ve been doing with my 3D printer since I’ve gotten it. I brought in a few sample parts including some stuff I’ve made for working on a Beta Rocket. I made a sample of the coupler which fitted nicely into the pipe sizes without any trouble. I also made a larger version (to account for shrinkage) so I could try investment casting it in aluminum. I also brought in my first attempt at 3D printing a nose cone mandrel for the Beta. The idea is to 3D print an undersized nosecone in plastic and then to wrap the 3D print in Fiberglass for a finished product. My printer uses PLA and I will be leaving the plastic in the final product. Alternately the form can be printed out of a different plastic, high impact Polystyrene. If this plastic is used it can be dissolved out using limonene. I hope to bring some actual castings to the next meeting. I’ve also made a prototype servo valve using printed parts and I’ll bring that to the next meeting as well.


In other news I’m nearing the completion of the new web site. I’ve managed to solve the last two bothersome issues that were slowing me down. So I hope to have it up and running sometime soon.


And don’t forget to renew your membership.


-Richard Garcia