2022 RRS Constitution Ratified

by Dave Nordling, President, RRS.ORG

The 2022 RRS Constitution has successfully passed a ratification vote as determined by our election chairman, Drew Cortopassi, on 2/1/2023 and confirmed by the executive council on 2/6/2023. The new Constitution takes effect immediately and fully replaces and supersedes all previous versions. The new Constitution will be placed on the new RRS.ORG website when it is launched at the end of this month.

The changes are largely minor with some removal of outdated portions still remaining from past decades. Changes were also made for consistency and to more accurately reflect and define how we operate today. The last revision to the RRS Constitution was over 30 years ago. The arduous review and overhauling process took nearly 4 years since the council first approved the formation of the three member Constitutional Committee which was formed February 2019 and dissolved in January 2022.

I would like to thank all of those who served on the Constitutional Committee and the prior executive councils for their persistence and dedication to this important governing document of our organization.

MTA firing event, 2023-01-28

by Keith Yoerg, RRS.ORG

The RRS held a firing event at the MTA on Saturday, February 28th, 2023.

The purpose of the event was to provide training for several society members who desired to gain experience in support of applications for Rockets – Class 2 Pyrotechnic Operator’s licenses from CALFIRE. Jim Gross was the PyroOp in charge for the day, with Rushd Julfiker, Michael Rouleau, Leanna Lincoln, and Keith Yoerg receiving training. The winter morning started off cool with Michael, Keith, and Leanna opening up the MTA and preparing the site for the day’s testing.

from left to right, Leanna Lincoln, Michael Rouleau, Rushd Julfiker and Jim Gross

RRS standard alpha rockets that had previously been launched as a part of RRS youth outreach programs were disassembled and cleaned of residue from their previous firings and propellant mixing supplies were prepped. Rushd arrived while Keith prepped and loaded his high power rocket “Flight On!” with an Aerotech H182-Redline motor for a launch later in the day.

Once Jim arrived at the MTA, a safety briefing was held and everyone in attendance provided a brief introduction detailing their background and interest in rocketry. The static test stand was then bolted to the vertical test stand concrete pad using bolt anchors already in place on the pad. The test stand is a modified I-Beam provided by Jim. After a temporary delay from difficulties in getting the gasoline generator up and running, enough zinc and sulfur micrograin powder for 4 firings were added to the mixing bucket and set up on the mixer.

Loading of alpha propellant tubes, Jim Gross overseeing the operations
Grilled lunch at the Dosa Building

While the propellants mixed, the group returned to the Dosa building for a lunchtime grill out of brats and pineapple. During lunch, the group watched a video on electric match ignition safety from the early 2000s’s provided by Jim, which had to be stopped early to return to the testing task at hand before daylight ran out. The video was “Basics of Electric Firing” by Scott Cartwright was purchased from the American Fireworks News.

Keith, Rushd, Michael, and Leanna then loaded the well-mixed propellant into the prepared alpha rockets and test fired the motors in that order. A video of the firing compiled by Keith can be found on his YouTube channel here, which was collected using RRS GoPro and quadcopter drone cameras.

Used alpha rocket strapped down to Jim’s I-beam static fire stand
Plume pointed north, galvanizing the concrete of our testing pad
Alpha rockets minus their payload tubes and nosecones
Keith Yoerg’s Flight On! rocket takes off on the 1010 rail at the RRS MTA.

Following the test firing of the alpha rockets, Keith launched his high power rocket “Flight On!” for the 3rd time, which was successful in both the flight and recovery. The group then cleaned up the site before locking up and leaving. Thanks to all who made this first firing event of 2023 a success, including former RRS President (and current PyroOp) Osavldo Tarditti for assistance with the propellants and current RRS Vice President Frank Muiccio for providing the alpha rockets used for the testing. We look forward to many more successful events at the MTA this year.

Nearing sunset at the RRS MTA loading area

MTA work event, 2023-01-22

by Dimitri Timohovich, RRS.ORG

The RRS held a work event at the MTA to continue the work on the restroom. It was a four day event starting, Sunday, January 22nd and ending Wednesday, January 25th. Several members came out throughout this event to help.

On the first day, we cleaned up the Creosote bushes around the Dosa building and between Dosa building and the pit toilet.  The pit toilet platform was releveled. Our pit toilet has always been a simple stopgap measure until our more grand facility goes into service.

Several people got trained in using the loader to scrape and smooth out the area. I put together scaffolding and prepped the jobsite. Started to install electrical in both bathrooms.

Less bursh means more space at the MTA.

On the second day, we installed shelves in maintenance area and mounted the water pump and water heater. Started to put together the drainage pipes inside the container and assembled the shower drain.

Batteries, water pump and water heater installed.

On the third day, Installed hand rails around toilet in handicap bathroom. Installed sink braces and Installed storage cabinets in both bathrooms. Finished up drainage pipe inside the container. Rented trencher and started laying in the conduit from Dosa building to container.

Sewer header

On the last day, I finished trenching and returned the trencher. Finished laying conduit into the trench then covered up the trench and packed the dirt down.

All in all, a successful event, but there’s more work before the restroom is operational. We’ll have another work event in mid-February 2023. Details to follow later.

Many thanks to Keith Yoerg, Leanna Lincoln, Bill Inman, Osvaldo Tarditti, Joe Dominguez, Waldo Stakes and Dave Nordling who helped.