November 2016 meeting

The November 2016 meeting was held at USC tonight. I’ll write down a few things from tonight’s meeting while they’re fresh. We are having a launch event at the MTA tomorrow morning (Nov. 12th) which includes the student teams led by John Mariano in the STEAM program at the Rise Academy in Compton. Larry will launch a beta and I will have my alpha with special features to be tested.

We have three new members joining us in the RRS. Welcome!

RRS nominated new officers tonight. Member voting by email to proceed in the coming week. Richard Garcia was appointed as Director of Research. Richard is the first to hold this position at the RRS since George Dosa.

Frank mentioned a makerspace in Glendale that offers classes in welding for those that want an introduction to this useful skill in amateur rocketry. Molten Metal Works serves the Los Angeles community in one and two-day classes for beginners, intermediate and advanced users with classes offered 7 days a week. They offer memberships and an open shop for repeat users. The link is given below:
Molten Metal Works

Nothing new to report on the RRS symposium in April 2017 this month. It was suggested that the RRS build a full-scale model of the SuperDosa rocket based on the SuperLoki dimensions as a physical exhibit for the symposium. Osvaldo was going to work on this.

The meeting discussed the SuperDosa project where we talked about the SuperLoki and our potential designs that would ultimately meet our goals. The RRS made contact with Robert Kleinberger of Apogee Astronautics. We plan to ask him to give a presentation to the RRS at our next meeting either in person, via Skype or by a narrated powerpoint file he can submit.

If there is something that I missed, please let me know. Next meeting will be Friday, December 9th, back at the Gardena Community Center at 7:30pm as usual.

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