January 10th 2013 Meeting Report

Sorry about the long wait for the January 10th meeting report. I’ve been between jobs and places. The meeting was attended by 6 members. At that time the January Launch date was set at the 25th. I haven’t heard back how it went. The treasury report was for a balance of $17837.61.


Chris informed us that the USC Law school has externship programs where students can gain legal skills while working on public interest and pro bono cases with real-life clients. So that means we may be able to get some free legal help. It particular they brought up the example of getting the RRS registered as a Non-Profit federally (501c3), which we are currently in the process of doing.


Like I’ve mentioned I’ve been between jobs and places, so I missed the launch and the February meeting. I’ll know after the March 14th meeting if I’ll have anything to report on them.


-Richard Garcia