March 8th 2013 Meeting Report

The next launch has been delayed. A firm date has not yet been set but it will probably be April 20th. The UCS members will be launching a rocket. It will be launched from the same tower they intend to use for their planned suborbital space shot. A static firing of a small peroxide-gasoline rocket may also take place. (But only if I can finish the last of the parts and get the peroxide in time)

We received a quote from the first lead regarding insurance coverage for launches and we felt it was to high so the search will continue.

The executive council stated a goal of sending out yearly membership renewal requests and providing additional payment options (something like PayPal online) by June 1st. We intend to use the responses to generate an updated membership database.

We have also been looking into making membership cards. A sample was shown at the meeting. It had a white background, black text, and it also had the RRS logo, and was made out of similar material to credit and ID cards.

We have been discussing wanting to do a 70th anniversary symposium for the RRS this summer. This is in early planning.

The executive council stated that an announcement will be coming soon, probably at the next meeting, regarding a dual use agreement for the MTA.

-Richard Garcia