March 2020 Meeting – *Cancelled*

by Andrew Cortopassi, Secretary, Reaction Research Society

The RRS executive council cancelled the March 13th meeting out of general concerns surrounding COVID-19.  The RRS plans to maintain our regular monthly meeting schedule and provide notice of meeting cancellations one at a time on RRS.ORG as time progresses.  The RRS monthly meetings have always been and shall always be on the 2nd Friday of each calendar month.  We will also continue to meet at the Ken Nakaoka Community Center at 7:30 pm unless prior change notification is posted on RRS.ORG.

The Ken Nakaoka Community Center has given the RRS notice that they will be closed for all events out to April 30, 2020, for concerns regarding COVID-19.  This will include our next monthly meeting, April 10th, 2020.  At this time, according to our next monthly meeting will be May 8th, 2020.

Given the closure of the Ken Nakaoka Community Center, the 2020 RRS symposium scheduled for April 18th is also cancelled.  Our symposium coordinator and society VP, Frank Miuccio, is working on rescheduling sometime in September or October with a new date to be announced as soon as we can.

Testing at the RRS MTA will continue during this time if this can be done in small groups.  All testing at the RRS MTA is done by appointment and scheduled with the RRS president which is the same policy we have always had.  Please contact the RRS president for questions about the use of the RRS MTA.

We wish everyone to be well as the world moves through these extraordinary challenges.  Be safe, be well, and look after each other.

February 2020 Meeting

by Andrew Cortopassi, Secretary, Reaction Research Society

The Reaction Research Society (RRS) met for our February monthly meeting on February 14, 2020, at the Ken Nakaoka Community Center in Gardena, California. It was an intimate meeting, primarily comprised of the executive council. Attendance numbers were low likely do to the large number of romantic RRS members, the 31st Annual Western Winter Blast Pyrotechnics Show in Lake Havasu City, or other adventures over the long weekend.

Those that were present enjoyed an informal meeting discussing a number of topics. We primarily focused on the previous three MTA launch events since the last meeting; each of which are highlighted with RRS website articles. We also discussed the upcoming CSFM meeting and the RRS symposium.

RRS Rocket and Space Exhibit & Symposium

The 2020 Reaction Research Society Rocket and Space Exhibit & Symposium date has been set! The event will take place Saturday, April 18, 2020, at the Ken Nakaoka Community Center in Gardena, CA from 8:45 am to 5:00 pm. Please go to Eventbrite to get your free ticket(s) –

2020 RRS Rocket and Space Exhibit & Symposium Flyer

Upcoming Events this Month:

  • CAL FIRE Fireworks Handbook Rocket Subcommittee February 21st in Monrovia.
  • MTA Launch event February 22nd.
  • RRS March Meeting 13th.

January 2020 Meeting

by Andrew Cortopassi, Secretary, Reaction Research Society

The Reaction Research Society (RRS) met for our first monthly meeting of the New Year on January 10, 2020, at the Ken Nakaoka Community Center in Gardena, California. We made quick work of several agenda items, followed by three great presentations of ongoing rocket projects.

Upcoming Events at the MTA

The next launch at the RRS MTA to be held on January 18, 2020 was discussed.  Several members look to test their motors or rockets at the MTA.  This includes the Gas Guzzler (Wolfram) and Hybrid Rocket (Dave/Larry) projects.  There was concern over potential bad weather, which brought up procedures for ensuring a launch event will continue as scheduled.  Members are encouraged to contact RRS President Osvaldo Tarditti, as any launch approaches should there be concern regarding the postponement of a launch event.  USC RPL has also scheduled a launch for the following Saturday, January 25, 2020.

RRS Members discuss upcoming events at the MTA

CAL FIRE Fireworks Handbook Rocket Subcommittee

Drew, Larry, and Osvaldo, along with members of other rocketry organizations (ROC and FAR), attended a CAL FIRE Rocket Subcommittee meeting held in Monrovia, CA on December 16, 2019.  There the subcommittee members discussed proposed changes to the Fireworks Handbook regarding rocketry with members of the California State Fire Marshall (CSFM)’s office.  Roughly half of the proposed changes were reviewed and the group looks forward to a follow-up meeting in the near-future.

Osvaldo and Larry discuss interactions with CSFM while Frank and Dave look on.

Compton College STEM Club

Two members of the Compton College STEM Club discussed recent and future activities of the club.  The first activity was a trip to Waldo’s El Ranchito Rakete, a personally curated rocket museum.  The second activity presented was on their Compton Comet project, with the goal of developing a liquid rocket.  Finally, they discussed upcoming and previous High Altitude Balloon (HAB) launches.

Members of the Compton College STEM Club presenting efforts on the Compton Comet

Hybrid Rocket Project

Dave Nordling presented progress and plans for a hybrid rocket project.  The project will utilize a commercial H222 rocket system and aims to reinvigorate the RRS’s efforts in hybrid rocket development.  The theory of operation of the COTS hybrid rocket system were detailed.  Efforts to source nitrous oxide were also discussed along with technical details regarding bottle connections, storage, available grades of nitrous oxide, and safe handling.  The selected ground support equipment (GSE) was also detailed.  Dave and Larry plan on testing out the rocket in a modified airframe in the near-future.

USC RPL Poise Project

A member of the USC RPL discussed the Poise Project development and upcoming testing.  The Poise project is a 6” L-class solid rocket developed by USC student members of RPL.  More information can be found at